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Medical Leadership

Sonic’s global success has been achieved through a combination of strong organic growth, targeted strategic acquisitions and the continuous delivery of quality medicine. More than anything, however, our success has been driven by an unwavering commitment to Medical Leadership, which is enshrined in Sonic’s corporate culture.

At Sonic we see medicine as a profession rather than a business, and believe that doctors and patients are best served by medical practices that are led by people who possess a deep understanding and respect for the complexities, obligations and privileges of practising medicine. 

Our businesses are all led by medical professionals. In most instances, they are medical doctors, but occasionally they are professionals from other parts of our practices who have many years of experience within the healthcare sector. Collectively, they make decisions that are focused on optimal clinical and patient outcomes. This is reinforced by our commitment to ongoing education and research, ensuring that medical knowledge remains at the forefront of our increasingly complex practices. 

In an age of corporatised medicine, Sonic’s Medical Leadership provides peace of mind to doctors and patients, as well as Sonic’s dedicated staff, who know that decisions are always made within the optimal medical framework.