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Continuous Disclosure

The Company Secretary has been nominated as the person responsible for communications with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This role includes responsibility for ensuring compliance with the continuous disclosure requirements in the ASX listing rules, and overseeing and co-ordinating information disclosure to the ASX, analysts, brokers, shareholders, the media and the public.

Sonic Healthcare has formalised its policies and procedures on information disclosure in a Policy on Continuous DisclosureOpens in new window. The policy focuses on continuous disclosure of any information concerning the Company and its controlled entities that a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price of the Company’s securities, and sets out management's responsibilities and reporting procedures in this regard.

All information disclosed to the ASX is posted on the Company’s website as soon as it is disclosed to the ASX. When analysts are briefed on aspects of the Company’s operations, the material used in the presentation is released to the ASX and posted on the Company’s website.

The Company's investor relations program facilitates effective two-way communication with investors and analysts. All investor relations discussions are conducted or monitored by the Managing Director, Finance Director or Company Secretary and are limited to the discussion of non-price sensitive information and material previously announced on the ASX platform.