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Catalyst Program

Recognising the dire medical needs that prevail in so many parts of the world can be a daunting exercise. Yet, as a global healthcare provider with deep expertise in laboratory medicine and radiology, Sonic Healthcare knows that it is uniquely positioned to make a significant medical difference to some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world.

Since 1996 Sonic Healthcare has worked with local hospitals, often in war-torn areas, to establish modern pathology and imaging departments that provide the vital diagnostic insights required by modern medicine.

Our aim is to improve the healthcare and lives of people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged areas, by developing localised self-reliance in pathology and imaging. We do this by training, equipping and supporting local hospitals and their staff in providing quality laboratory, pathology and imaging services. We also provide funding, materials and support for community projects with a clear focus on the welfare of women and children.  These additional projects include school and orphanage supplies and donations, refugee support, community training and upskilling and the transportation of containers of equipment and supplies.

Most of our projects to date have been aligned with hospitals that treat women and children – two community subsets that are vital to the future success of any nation. Our support is known as The Catalyst Program, because we aspire to be one of the catalysts that will help these hospitals and the communities that they serve to self-sufficiency.

A number of criteria are considered when performing our assessment of a potential charitable project. These criteria importantly include the meeting of one or more of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, together with our ability to deliver a positive and sustainable community and health benefit. 

The Catalyst Program is supported by Sonic Healthcare staff across the world, including a team of healthcare professionals who visit the projects at least once a year for a number of weeks at a time.