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The Role of Shareholders

The Board of Directors aims to provide access and communicate openly with shareholders and to ensure that shareholders are informed of all major developments affecting the Group’s state of affairs. Information is communicated to shareholders as follows:

  • Via the Company's website (available at http://www.sonichealthcare.comOpens in new window), which includes electronic and other contact details.
  • The annual report is available to all shareholders on the Company's website and is distributed to those shareholders who elect to receive it.  The Board ensures that the annual report includes relevant information about the operations of the Group during the year, changes in the state of affairs of the Group, and details of likely future developments, in addition to the other disclosures required by law.
  • Proposed major changes in the Group which may impact on share ownership rights are submitted to a vote of shareholders.

To further facilitate communication with shareholders, the Company has established electronic shareholder communication processes via its Share Registry.  Shareholders are able to access annual reports, notices of meetings, proxy forms and voting, and receive electronic statements (e.g. holding statements) by email.

Where possible the Company provides advance notice of significant group briefings, including for the half and full year results announcements, by publishing details on the Company website and extending open invitations. Telephone dial-in details are generally made available. Records are kept of group and one-on-one briefings with investors and analysts.

The Board encourages full participation of shareholders at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to ensure a high level of accountability, and identification with the Group’s strategy and goals. AGMs are held at readily accessible locations and advance notice is provided on the Investor Calendar page of the Company's website. Ample opportunity is provided for shareholders to question the Board and the external auditor at the AGM. Important issues are presented to the shareholders as single resolutions.

The shareholders are responsible for voting on the appointment of Directors. The Company ensures that the relevant Notice of Meeting contains all material information in its possession relevant to a decision on whether to elect a Director.